The challenge

  • Imported loads included many inorganic problem solids that caused big clogging problems for the in-line chopper pump    
  • The pump was replaced with a progressive cavity pump, but the problems remained
  • First stator had to be replaced after just six months of operation

The project

  • An in-line 30K Muffin Monster was installed

In a system where the feedstock can vary, the use of a grinder can help make a more homogenous waste stream providing operational and maintenance savings.

Director of Sales at JWC Europe

The solution

We delivered an in-line 30K Muffin Monster

  • The dual cutters stacks are equipped with exceptionally sharp, stainless steel teeth, ideal for slicing through incredibly tough debris

Customer benefits

  • Since the installation, the system has not experienced any downtime due to material clogging
  • The maintenance crew was able to wait 19 months to replace the stator
  • The customer gained operational hours due to reduced maintenance, downtime and failures in the plant
  • The grinder has extended the stator repair interval offering savings of approximately €500 per stator change
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