The challenge

  • Repeated problems with fine band screens and screening compactors
  • Screenings were being forced through into the wastewater process
  • An additional 16 man-hours per week were needed for cleaning and maintenance

The project

  • CDD Channel Monster grinders was installed to precondition the debris in the flow and protect the screens from overload

I needed a simple, easy to install and maintain solution. The Channel Monster grinders more than met my expectations and provided my team with a simple solution.

Functional Manager. Northern Ireland Water Limited (NIW)

The solution

We delivered a CDD Channel Monster to improve screen efficiency

  • Two rotating drums feed the captured solids into a heavy-duty grinder
  • The grinding process controls the rate at which the solids hit the screen and reduces them to smaller particle size
  • The grinders also liquefy more of the fecal matter, so it remains in the flow and enters the treatment process

Customer benefits

  • Moygashel has eliminated all their problems with band screens and screening compactors
  • No need to manually unblock plugs
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