The challenge

  • Severe problems with plugging of the pump station lines that led to frequent pump rebuilds
  • The system had to be interrupted 2-3 times a day to cut through rags, hair and debris
  • A complete pump rebuild was needed every two years

The project

  • Three in-line 10K Muffin Monsters were installed to protect the six Penn Valley Double Disc Pumps
  • The Monsters replaced the macerators that had been installed ahead of the pumps

Having installed the in-line 10K Muffin Monster has been a blessing for the last six months.

Plant Maintenance Superintendent

The solution

We delivered three in-line 10K Muffin Monsters

  • The grinders are compact and tough on solids in sludge applications
  • They can easily grind materials macerators cannot handle
  • They use less energy than macerators thus saving electrical costs

Customer benefits

  • The efficiency of the Muffin Monsters has proven so great that the plant no longer keeps all six pumps running
  • The three Monsters are grinding more reliably with less energy
  • There is no need to rebuild or stop sludge pumping to manually cut away the debris
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