CMD3210 Channel Monster™ for sewage pump station

Monster protects pump station

The Mosside Sewage Pump Station, operated by Scottish Water, installed two Channel Monster™ to protect the pumps during heavy storms.

The Mosside Sewage Pump Station installed two Channel Monsters

The challenge

  • A heavy volume of rags ad solids flowing into the station
  • The debris was especially problematic during heavy storms, leading to pump blockages and sewage overflows
  • Regular maintenance needed to uplift and unblock the submersible pumps and clean up the spillages    

The project

  • Two Channel Monsters were installed in the wet well, each on a guide rail system to facilitate easy installation
The grinders have made a difference to both our operational and overtime costs, freeing up a lot of our operator time to concentrate on other sites. Graham Black, Area Manager, Scottish Water

The solution

We delivered two Channel Monsters

  • The grinders feature a perforated screening drum, which allows small particles to pass through, while capturing and feeding the larger debris into a dual-shafted grinder
  • The perforated drum allows high flow but prevents bypass of unshredded solids

Customer benefits

  • Mosside has seen a massive drop in the number of pump blockages, freeing up operators from having to attend the site to unblock the pumps
  • Unscheduled maintenance has been greatly reduced
  • Scottish Water has been able to cancel other planned capital investments, which were no longer required
  • Channel Monster™ Open channel grinders
    Channel Monster™ sewage grinders represent the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction. The patented Channel Monster uses rotating screening drums to capture solids and direct them into our proven dual-shafted grinder. The result is a high-flow capacity system that can handle typical solids loading as well as tougher solids like wood and occasional rocks.


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