Submersible pump type ABS XFP

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There’s never a good time for failed equipment, especially when it’s preventable. Clogged pumps lead to downtime and downtime leads to frustration, to say the least. With thousands of installations solving clogging issues, the XFP submersible pumps, utilizing the Contrablock Plus system, have proven themselves to prevent problems before they even start. With superior solids and rag handling and lower maintenance costs for long-term reliability, the choice is easy when it comes to replacing your failing equipment.

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Icons of reliability, energy efficiency, serviceability and easy replacement

Contrablock Plus system
Contrablock Plus System

The right balance of everything

An energy efficient design. Unmatched, market-leading clog resistance. Easy-to-use performance adjustments. And packed with enhanced performance and protection features. Need we say more?


  • Large solids passages (≥ 3”)
  • Mechanical seal protection system
  • Maintains excellent rag handling


  • Externally adjustable wear plate
  • Adjustable with standard tools

Energy Efficiency

  • Adjustable wear plate restores efficiency
  • High hydraulic efficiencies
Tiple seal system of submersible pump
Triple Seal System

Strength in numbers

Not 1, not 2, but 3 seals work in tandem to protect the most valuable asset in your submersible pump; the motor. With an advanced set of proven seal technologies, the triple seal system becomes your redundant safeguard against major repairs, getting you back up and running faster with less cost.


  • Dual mechanical seal, with tertiary lip seal
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal faces
  • Best seal materials for thermal and abrasion resistance
Quick Disconnect Plug

Are cables holding you back?

Things happen. And when it comes time for maintenance, it shouldn’t be a hassle. So don’t break your back pulling power cable through conduits or seals – just leave it. Quick disconnecting power cables make maintenance a breeze.

Quick plug of submersible pump XFP


  • Removal of cable via plug and socket design
  • Double sealed for added protection
  • Alignment pin ensures leads are connected properly
  • Cable can be left when pump is removed
  • Included cap for covering the plug
Easy replacement of brackets

Making the easy switch

When it’s time to make the switch to a new submersible pump, nobody wants to deal with a costly and time-consuming replacement of rehabbing a pump station. So, we’ve made it easy to do so with a line of competitor retrofit brackets and accessories. Just add a bracket and drop it in. Easy!

Easy replacements

  • Various sizes of retrofit brackets for multiple brands
  • Dedicated support engineers
  • Custom engineered solutions for drop-in replacements

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