Main benefits
  • Excellent performance in all industrial segments
  • High-efficiency propeller with large axial thrust
  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
  • Low total cost of ownership through smart design and energy efficient propeller
  • Quick and easy installation, safe operation, easy maintenance and service
Main applications
  • Clean and slightly contaminated liquids
  • Viscous liquids
  • Fibrous and other slurries
Main design features
  • High-efficiency EX3 propeller with adjustable blades
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Integrated mechanical seal
  • Integrated gear box
  • Optional support legs of different types, depending on agitator size and type of installation
  • Condition monitoring
  • Prepared for various motor options
  • Easy installation with Sulzer wall rings
Key characteristics
Propeller diameters 800 – 1’700 mm / 32-67 in
Power 7.5 – 160 kW / 10 – 200 hp
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 300 rpm
Performance range SALOMIX SSF agitators have a wide and comprehensive hydraulic coverage which enables their use in all mixing applications.
Stock concentration Up to 6 %
Case studies
  • Proven performance of the world’s first SALOMIX™ SSF
    Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the world’s leading players in sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions. In connection with an annual shut-down at the company’s Billingsfors pulp and paper mill in Sweden, Sulzer delivered its first SALOMIX SSF agitator for the swell tank. The agitator was installed in January 2020.

  • Remarkable power saving with SALOMIX™ agitator
    Sulzer was looking for a field test installation for the new SALOMIX SSF100 side-mounted agitator. A Swedish customer was interested in the energy savings the agitator could offer compared to the existing one. Once the SALOMIX was running, the actual power saving was measured to be 45 kW.

  • SALOMIX™ SSA reduces power consumption in pulp mill fiber recovery
    Energy savings are high on the daily agenda. The mill was, therefore, keen to install the world’s first SALOMIX SSA agitator and to cut the energy bill, without compromising the process up-time.

  • SALOMIX™ horizontal agitators for high viscosity syrups
    Amilina is a Lithuanian manufacturing company that processes more than 1,000 tons of wheat per day. In 2014, Amilina decided to start producing also wheat glucose syrup for the food and biotech industries. Looking for top-class equipment for the new line, the client asked Sulzer for additional pumps and agitators.

  • Trusted partner for new wood-based processes
    Sulzer is a company with long and solid experience and proven expertise in several important customer segments. Pulp, board and paper processes and applications as well as new ones based on wood raw materials represent high-priority commitment and partnership areas for the business and product development organization. Read the whole article.

  • Sulzer cooperates with Metsä Group’s bioproduct mills in Kemi and Äänekoski
    Sulzer has thorough experience and a proven track record of reliable and energy-efficient pumping and mixing solutions and is the key equipment supplier for many recent pulp, paper and board mill projects globally. Also new applications and new technologies based on wood raw materials represent high-priority partnership areas. This development goes hand in hand with the company’s systematical aim to reduce its own environmental footprint. Read the whole article.

  • Supporting sustainable fuel production
    Sulzer is at the forefront of engineering excellence and quality, delivering best-in-class solutions to support companies in important growth industries, such as biobased, renewable energy production. Understanding precisely what customers need, as well as maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and service has led to many significant project wins, not least the collaboration with Inpasa, Latin America’s largest producer of corn ethanol. By the end of 2022, this partnership is anticipated to have grown to the delivery of almost 1’000 pieces of equipment, including pumps, sealing systems, agitators and static mixers across three production plants in Brazil. Read the whole article.

  • Case studies
    Wherever fluids are pumped, mixed, controlled or applied, we are there. See how our solutions create value for customers and learn how we can make your pumping and mixing processes more efficient and profitable, safeguarding your production and ensuring lasting reliability.
  • Pulp, paper and board
    Sulzer is the world leader in innovative, reliable, and proven pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our deep process and application knowledge is based on long-term close co-operation with the producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies.

  • Chemical pulp fiber line
    Proven pumping, mixing and agitation solutions for your cooking, washing, screening, oxygen delignification, bleaching, and storage processes to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs.

  • Chemical recovery
    Sulzer’s extensive product portfolio is designed to meet the most demanding hydraulic coverage requirements in your evaporation, recovery boiler, and white liquor preparation processes.

  • Industrial water and effluent treatment
    Sulzer has a deep knowledge in wastewater treatment, and with our wide product portfolio we can now offer energy-efficient and reliable solutions for your water collection, neutralization, flocculation, sedimentation, cooling, aeration, sludge storage, digestion, and dewatering processes.

  • Mechanical pulp line
    Sulzer’s ideal product portfolio for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in refining, grinding, CTMP, screening, reject handling, and bleaching processes.

  • Paper and board machine and systems
    Sulzer’s extensive product portfolio is designed to meet the most demanding hydraulic coverage requirements and for all types of liquids, making it ideal for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in stock preparation, PM approach system, broke system, white water system, vacuum system, condensate system, and shower water system processes.

  • Power plants
    Sulzer’s extensive product portfolio to maximize the performance and reliability of your solid organic fuel biomass power plant, solid industrial or municipal waste fuel biomass power plant, and liquid or gaseous organic fuel biomass power plant processes.

  • Pulp drying machine
    Increased hydraulic excellence for your approach, cleaning, drying machine, vacuum, broke, and white water system processes.

  • Recycled fiber line
    Energy-efficient products with low life cycle costs and a lighter environmental footprint for your pulping, screening & cleaning, flotation, washing, and bleaching processes.

  • Sugar, starch and sweeteners
    Efficient production of sugar, starch and sweeteners puts high demands on the processing equipment. Thanks to many years of experience and comprehensive process know-how, Sulzer offers a wide portfolio of innovative process pumps, special pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and aerators for these industry sectors.

  • Mining and metals
    Long experience and detailed knowledge of metals and mining applications with different raw materials makes Sulzer a reliable pump supplier for these industries.

  • Oil gas and chemicals
    High-performance pumps from Sulzer provide cutting edge solutions for the production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons and CO2. Our technologies enable efficient separation processes for liquids and gas. We provide reliable services for compressors, turbines, motors, and generators through our global aftermarket network.

  • Fertilizers
    Our pumps, mixers and agitators provide durability and reliability for fertilizers production as well as for corrosive and abrasive liquids and high gas content. Our specific industry experience also includes separation processes and servicing of pumps, compressors, turbines, and motors.

  • Biofuels
    Biofuels from renewable sources show great potential as sustainable transportation fuel. Based on our experience in demanding processes, we work with customers to develop advanced pumping, mixing, and distillation solutions for the production of biofuels, from pilot to commercial-scale installations.

  • Industrial water treatment
    We provide extensive coverage of energy-efficient and reliable pumping, mixing, and aeration solutions for all industrial water treatment processes.

  • Municipal wastewater
    Sulzer plays a major role in returning clean water to its source, by providing effective solutions for wastewater collection and treatment focused on safety, reliability, and efficiency. Sulzer offers the most up-to-date range of pumps, submersible mixers and agitators, aeration systems, high speed compressors and equipment controllers, supported by a world wide service organization.
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Products and services

  • EX3 propeller for SALOMIX™ agitators
    Sulzer's new high-efficiency EX3 propeller exceeds the current SALOMIX™ MX4 propeller in both efficiency and thrust. With a smart retrofit system, the EX3 propeller can replace MX4 propellers on SALOMIX™ side-entry agitators.

  • SALOMIX™ SSA side-mounted agitators
    A robust, belt-driven agitator for light to heavy duties. Agitator performance can be adjusted through other drive combinations. Features the new high-efficiency EX3 propeller.

  • SALOMIX™ SLR/STR side-mounted agitators
    A gear-driven agitator for various types of industries. They ensure a good mixing result plus high reliability and efficiency resulting in low operating costs.

  • Tower management systems
    SALOMIX tower management technology offers a wide range of systems for industrial tower applications. SALOMIX TES, SALOMIX GLI and SALOMIX VULCA systems help manage the demanding tower processes.

Media releases

  • SALOMIX SSF150 completes Sulzer’s energy-efficient agitator range
    June 07, 2022
    Sulzer launches the latest addition to the SALOMIX agitator family, the SSF150. SALOMIX offers excellent performance in all industrial segments. The new size will be used mainly in large pulp mills, and typical applications will be storage towers, pulpers and bleaching towers. SSF150 strengthens Sulzer’s position as the leading full-line equipment supplier to the pulp, paper, and board industry.

  • Mix and match ─ Sulzer launches new SALOMIX™ agitator family
    December 02, 2019
    The new SALOMIX family is designed to operate in demanding applications in various industries. The combination of maximum propeller efficiency and optimum agitator selection will reduce the overall power consumption of the mixing application significantly.
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