Food and beverages

Food and beverage production relies on our pumping and mixing solutions. Special pumps and agitators have been developed for sugar, starch, and sweeteners. Separation equipment is often used in beverage manufacturing and our process technologies support purification and concentration.

Apart from the material and construction characteristics, Sulzer's extensive product portfolio demonstrates the highest attainable efficiency level in the market. We offer the most eco-efficient solutions, also for complete water and wastewater treatment applications.

Our process pumps, special pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and aerators are designed to work in the most critical applications in the sugar, starch and sweeteners industries.

The flavor and fragrances industry depends on sensitive and precise distillation techniques to provide high-quality products. Customers still rely on our gauze packing for distillation of their heat sensitive fragrances, introduced by Sulzer in 1964.

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