Welding options

Sulzer has the technology and capabilities to repair shafts using two primary welding methods:

  • The narrow groove method is used for replacing damaged shaft ends with mechanically matching stub shafts. This welding method is also used for isolated repairs of damaged shaft areas.
  • The submerged arc overlay method is very successful in a wide range of repair situations. It is used when a surface area has been compromised, or when an entire integral disk has to be removed and subsequently rebuilt.

Both welding methods involve pre- and post-weld heat treatments to ensure proper metallurgical/mechanical properties. The rotor is thoroughly inspected using industry-approved Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. In most cases, both repair methods significantly reduce costs and overall lead times.

Coating technologies

Sulzer also offers repair and preventative maintenance options based on advanced coating technologies. We use several methods for applying these coatings, including:

  • Air spraying
  • Plasma spaying
  • Electric arc wire spraying
  • High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel spraying (HVOF) – liquid fuel and gas fuel


Coatings for preventive maintenance
Coatings for preventive maintenance

These methods provide various options, ranging from the isolated repair of damaged shaft areas to preventative coatings covering the entire main rotor body.

  • Once the repairs are carried out, we can manage your shipping arrangements.
  • In the event that the equipment is a spare, Sulzer has secure, climate-controlled storage buildings in many locations where we can store your rotating equipment either vertically or horizontally.
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