Main benefits
  • Longest weir length per given column diameter 
  • Largest downcomer area (DC) per given column diameter 
  • Most uniform flow path length 
  • Most uniform vapor distribution 
  • Minimum inactive zones 
  • Maximum bubbling area
Main applications
  • Refinery: main fractionators' PA and stripping sections
  • Olefins: deethanizers, depropanizers, debutanizers, deisobutanizers, superfractionators, C2 and C3 splitters  
  • Aromatics: xylene splitters, xylene rerun, raffinate columns
  • Gas sweetening: absorbers, regenerators
Shell HiFi™ Plus trays
C-Ring™ random packing in different sizes
Shell HiFi™ tray

Shell HiFiTM Plus trays

Highest capacity at large liquid loadings: 
  • Lowest pressure drop at large liquid loadings 
  • Best mass transfer efficiency at large liquid loadings 
  • Tray spacing as low as 300 mm (11.8 in)
Can be equipped with different types of tray deck: 
  • MVG™ tray deck
  • MMVG™ tray deck
  • Other conventional valves like BDH™ floating valves
High reliability: 
  • Several hundred columns in operation
Mechanical features:
  • Multi-downcomers are located offset to the cross section centerline 
  • Multi-downcomers are supported by a central major beam and 360° tower support ring 
  • No need for downcomer bolting bars 
  • Available in boltless lip-slot panel connections that minimize installation time by up to 30%

HiFi Plus is a trademark owned and used by the companies of the Shell group.


Shell ConSep™ trays
Graphic showing a cut of the Shell ConSep™ tray
Diagram of Shell ConSep™ trays and photo of one tray with the right tray deck panel removed

Shell ConSep™ trays

Shell ConSep™ trays utilize the principle of de-entrainment by centrifugal force to exceed the gravitational limitation of jet flood.

The ConSep tray combines the large bubbling area and liquid handling capacity of the contacting Shell HiFi™ trays (see right side of picture) and a centrifugal separator (see left side of picture) in a single stage.

Ideal for increasing existing plant capacity (revamps)
  • Suitable mainly for 1-to-1 revamping of towers equipped with high performance trays
  • Does not require any welding to the tower wall
  • Provides up to 40% more capacity than any high performance tray
Proven technology and excellent reliability based on
  • Actual operating experience
  • Extensive research and development
  • Fractionation Research Inc. (FRI) proven
  • More than 25 towers in Operation

 ConSep, HiFi are a trademark owned and used by the companies of the Shell group.

Shell CS™ Grid trays
Operator installing the Shell Grid tray on the floor
Shell CS™ Grid tray

Shell CS™ Grid trays

The Shell CS™ Grid trays are a high-capacity, dual-flow type of tray.

Functional features: 
  • The contact area for liquid and vapor is achieved by means of adjacent bars 
  • The open area for liquid and vapor passage is defined by the size and the pitch of the bars
Main applications

The Shell CS Grid trays are mainly used for heat transfer services in fouling applications, and or corrosive environment:

  • Slurry pump around of fluid catalytic cracking main fractionator
  • Top pump around of crude distillation unit main fractionator and coker main fractionator
  • Bottom pump around of thermal cracker main fractionator and visbreaker main fractionator

 CS Grid is a trademark owned and used by the companies of the Shell group.

Shell HiFi™ Extraction trays
Shell HiFi™ extraction tray
Shell HiFi™ Extraction tray

Shell HiFi™ Extraction trays

  • Suitable for systems with interfacial tensions below 25 dyne/cm and large phase ratios 
  • To enhance capacity of existing extractors 
  • To increase capacity by up to 25% compared with rotating disc contactors 
  • To increase capacity by up to 15% compared with conventional extraction trays 
  • Allow for small tray spacing down to 300 mm 
  • Can be used among others in aromatic extraction, caustic treating, and lube oil applications

HiFi is a trademark owned and used by the companies of the Shell group.

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