Main benefits
  • High heat transfer coefficient (approx. 4 times better than that of an empty pipe)
  • High degree of plug flow
  • Gentle treatment due to short residence time
  • Narrow residence time distribution
  • Quick change from one product grade to another
  • Self-cleaning behavior
Main applications
  • For pilot units or small industrial plants for cooling, heating, and temperature-controlled reaction applications.
  • The flow is usually laminar or the products to be handled are mostly of medium or high viscosity.
Key characteristics

Key characteristics

The product stream flows through the inner pipe. The heat carrier medium for cooling or heating the product circulates between the inner and outer pipe. The inner pipe through which the product flows is filled with static mixing elements, creating a radial mixing effect. The result is considerably increased heat transfer and a narrow residence time distribution. A continuous renewal of the thermal boundary layer on the piping wall prevents thermal damage of heat-sensitive products.

Technical specification
Diameter DN 10 – DN 50
Length up to 5 meters
Standard material stainless steel 1.4574
Design pressure up to 250 bar
Design temperature up to 350 °C
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