Main benefits
  • Stage-wise phase contact
  • For long residence times:    
    • Extraction controlled by residence time
    • Reactive extraction systems
    • Long phase separation
Main applications
  • For extraction purposes with long residence time over 15 minutes
  • For extraction controlled by pH value (stage-wise pH adjustment)
  • For batch extraction
Design and principle
Graphic showing the principle of a mixer-settler column in different zones
Principle of a mixer-settler-column

Design and principle

Mixer-settlers, both as stand-alone and as in-column type, are offered for special applications. As implied by the name, the mixer-settler-column is a series of mixer-settlers in the form of a column. It consists of a number of stages installed one on top of the other, each hydraulically separated, and each with a mixing and settling zone (see below). This design enables the elimination of some of the main disadvantages of conventional mixer-settlers, whilst maintaining stage-wise phase contact.

The mechanical design of the mixer-settler-column is comparable to the agitated ECR Kühni column.

ECMS mixer-settler-column

Additional advantages of ECMS mixer-settler-columns:

  • Small footprint 
  • Column-like design 
  • Extreme to unlimited phase ratio
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