Main benefits
  • Lower froth height, less entrainment due to lateral vapor release 
  • Increased capacity and improved turndown compared to sieve trays 
  • High efficiency over a wide operating range through improved vapor-liquid contact 
  • Superior mechanical strength due to increased stiffness of tray deck, no moving parts and therefore no wear 
  • Excellent fouling resistance (for large fixed valves)
Main applications
  • Main fractionators of refineries
  • Gas concentration columns of refineries
  • Light end columns of petrochemical plants
  • LNG / NGL fractionation columns
  • Absorbers and regenerators of gas sweetening plants
  • Beer columns, PVC slurry strippers (for large fixed valves)
MMVG™ valve
V-Grid trays
From left: SVG™, MVG™, MMVG™


  • Micro V-Grid trays use smallest available V-grid size
  • Offer up to an additional 7% higher capacity compared to MVG™
  • Are used at extremely high vapor loads and for lower pressure drop
MVG™ valve
Advantages of V-Grid trays
Advantages of V-Grid trays


  • Mini V-Grid have smaller valves compared to conventional SVG™ valves
  • Provide up to 20% higher capacity compared to standard sieve or valve trays
  • Deliver higher efficiency and lower pressure drop per theoretical stage
  • Have a turndown ratio of 3:1
SVG™ valve
SVG fouling resistant trays
SVG™ fouling resistant trays


  • Large lateral openings
  • Exiting vapor cleans the tray deck 
  • Excellent performance in fouling services
XVG™ valve
XVG fouling resistant trays
XVG™ fouling resistant trays


  • Extra large V-Grid valve
  • Excellent performance in severe fouling services
UFM™ AF valve
UFM AF valve
UFM™ AF valve

UFM™ AF is the latest addition to our fixed valve portfolio. The enhanced valve is part of the UFMPlus™ tray family, developed for fouling service.

UFM AF is a large size valve which provides excellent fouling resistance, especially when designed with the following anti-fouling features on the tray:

  • Modified outlet weirs: stepped or sloped
  • Push valve

It is a premium anti-fouling valve with very high efficient capacity. Enhanced downcomers can be applied to UFM AF trays for even higher capacity, if required.

Slit tray
Slit Tray
Slit tray

Slit trays are highly efficient trays with centric symmetry and pairs of slits to allow vapor flow through the tray. They are ideal for the distillation of aqueous systems, when, due to the high surface tensions, a metallic packing is not advantageous, and for multi-purpose distillation systems.

Functional features
  • Extremely low tray spacing of 150 to 250 mm possible (200 mm standard)
  • High efficiency: 3-4 theoretical stages per meter 
  • Self-supporting structure allows easy installation into empty column shell without support rings 
  • Large turndown up to 1:4 
  • Suitable for 2 liquid phase systems 
  • Allows any number of feed points or side draw
Fields of applications
  • Separation of aqueous mixtures in the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industry
  • Multi-purpose solvent recovery
  • High pressure distillation  


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