Main benefits
  • Cost competitive simple designs
  • High capacity
  • Excellent fouling resistance
  • Dual flow trays offers relatively good mass transfer efficiency while catering to fouling application
Main applications
  • Fouling sections of atmospheric & vacuum towers
  • Beer columns, PVC slurry strippers
Dual flow trays
Dual flow tray with perforation
Dual flow trays

Dual flow trays 

  • Perforated trays without downcomer 
  • Suitable in highly fouling services where efficiency and turndown are not concerns
Baffle, disc-and-donut, showerdeck trays
2-pass baffle trays
2-pass baffle trays

Baffle, disc-and-donut and showerdeck trays

These trays are typically applied in severely fouling services.

They are configured in a way that the liquid flows downwards through the column, splashing from one baffle to the next lower one. Ascending vapour contacts the liquid by passing through the liquid curtains. These trays are used in washing sections where fouling resistance has priority over high efficiency.

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