Absorption technology

Absorption units designed with excellence in mind

Our process specialists can help you to optimally design your wash columns, and supply you with first-class components, equipment, and plants with an excellent performance/cost ratio.

Absorption tower
Main benefits
  • Excellent performance/cost ratio
  • Improved column performance, increased capacity, and reduced energy consumption
  • Customer specific columns based on computer simulations and in-house pilot plant testing
Main application
  • Purification of exhaust air
  • Purification of gas streams from undesirable gas components
  • Enrichement of components in wash solvents


Absorption is a basic operation in process engineering. It serves to extract one or more gas or vapor components from a gas mixture. The purpose of this process for you is typically to purify a gas stream of undesirable gas components (as in purification of exhaust air) and/or to enrich a certain component in the wash solvent.



The design of absorption units is geared to provide you with an improved column performance, increased capacity, and reduced energy consumption. Computer simulations and in-house pilot plant testing form part of our design activities. Our vast experience and know-how in the field of absorption combined with an in-depth understanding of column hardware ensure we provide you with the optimum solution.

We offer either a basic engineering package including key equipment(column shells, internals, heat exchangers, and decanters), or a complete, often skid-mounted unit including process control and start-up support services

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