The challenge

As a partner supplier of the Suez Group, Sulzer presented its innovative range of Premium Efficiency mixing solutions to the Mandelieu Aquaviva station in March 2015. During a consultation regarding the replacement of a mixer with a threephase asynchronous motor in a grease stripping tank / storage tank, Mr Anders Mencaglia, operator in charge of the local equipment, addressed a problem. He had experienced some failures with the existing mixer, a competitor’s brand, installed in the external grease tank. The mixer was located in a small tank that receives grease from the nearby restaurants. Because the grease was not homogeneous, the operator had to clean the mixer several times a week so that the rags would not damage the propellers.

The solution

To solve the propeller cleaning problem, Sulzer has developed an automatic rag handling function for the new mixer type ABS XRW, which is provided with a permanent-magnet motor controlled by a variable-frequency drive. A test period with the new mixer that provides automatic cleaning, momentarily reversing the direction of rotation, convinced the operator.

Since October 2015, a Sulzer submersible mixer type ABS XRW 4031A-PM30/10 with a rated power of 3 kW has worked on site, installed on a guide bar 60x60 mm of 3 m.

The fact that the engine torque of the Sulzer mixer remains more or less constant, irrespective of the speed and rotation direction, was decisive for our selection.

in charge of equipment selection at the treatment plant Mandelieu in Suez

Customer benefits

  • Sulzer has concluded a framework agreement with Suez    
  • As a partner supplier, Sulzer provides technical support, starting with the principle of trial sales    
  • Self-cleaning mixer function thanks to variable frequency drive
  • Easy propeller maintenance
  • Process optimization through variable speed and constant torque of mixer
  • Lower energy consumption (almost constant efficiency over the entire range)
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs

Sulzer solved our problem with an innovative technical solution. The test of the Sulzer mixer under challenging conditions was successful.

in charge of equipment selection at the treatment plant Mandelieu in Suez

XRW key features

Submersible mixer type ABS XRW 4031A-PM30/10

  • Premium efficiency (IE3 equivalent) sensorless permanent-magnet motor controlled by variable-frequency drive
  • Stainless steel construction, permanent magnet motor 3 kW 10 poles, variablefrequency drive, 400 mm propellers (3 blades)
  • Easy installation and removal due to compact design and low weight
  • Variable speed to match the real mixing need and manage the changes throughout the year
  • Long lifetime thanks to very low operation temperature (+30°C at rated power)
  • High overload capacity
  • Pre-loaded upper bearing
  • Oversized motor shaft for reduced deflection
  • Low energy consumption
  • High-performance and self-cleaning propeller, hydraulically optimized, stainless steel AISI 316
  • Galvanically insulated guide tube and suspension
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