The challenge

As soon as the pumps are in operation, the underground parts of the plant will occasionally stand under water and be difficult to access. Therefore, the customer sets high requirements on the pumps. Due to the limited space available, the pump installation was executed as a two-story construction. The installation had to be space-saving, compact and easily accessible for maintenance in the two-story setup.

The solution

The 19 pumps that Sulzer supplied are of the series XFP and AFLX. The AFLX series is designed especially for spacesaving installation in concrete shafts or steel riser pipes. All 19 submersible pumps are in wet installation. The maximum drive power is up to 400 kW. The heads of the large peak load pumps lie between 7 and 23 m, and the maximum flow is just under 2’000 l/s per pump. Thanks to their design, these IP68-classified submersible pumps are both flood-safe and very space-saving.

We are very happy that our pumps were chosen for the ecological reconstruction of the Emscher river.

Sales Manager at Sulzer in Bonn, Germany

Submersible mixed-flow column pump type ABS AFLX

Customer benefits

  • Flood-proof pumps and reliable pumping.
  • Suitable for clean and dirty water, for wastewater that contains solids or fibrous material as well as for feces and sludges.
  • Significant building cost advantage through submersible pumps in wet installation.
  • Low life cycle costs thanks to drive motors of energy efficiency class IE3 with Ex protection.
  • Integrated monitoring and control equipment.
  • Optimum balance between efficiency and solids transfer.
  • Maintenance and wear-free mechanic backstops against uncontrollable behavior at backflow.
  • Non-return valves not required.
  • High efficiency without compromising particle size and blocking resistance.
Product data

Product data

Sulzer submersible pumps type ABS AFLX and sewage pumps type ABS XFP:

1 pc     XFP 80C-CB1 PE22/4C
1 pc     XFP 80C-VX PE15/4C
1 pc     XFP 100E-VX PE90/4E
1 pc     XFP 100G-CB1 PE160/4
1 pc     XFP 100G-CB1 PE220/4
2 pcs   XFP 356M-CB2 PE1100/6 PE6
2 pcs   XFP 351M-CH3 PE1320/6 PE6
5 pcs   AFLX 0803-SK4 PE2000/6 PE6
5 pcs   AFLX 1207 PE4000/8 M9(PE)

All pumps include monitoring and related control relays.

All 19 Sulzer pumps are of the series XFP and AFLX. One of the five big AFLX pumps with a weight of about 5 tons in the foreground.

This pump series is specially designed for installation in vertical pressure pipes. It is provided with highly efficient, semi-axial impellers with low NPSH values.

  • Submersible mixed flow column pump type ABS AFLX
    Save space and reduce installation costs with the AFLX range of submersible axial-flow pumps, designed for direct installation in discharge pipes.

  • Submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP
    Submersible sewage pumps type ABS XFP are the best choice for ensuring efficient and reliable pumping in any wastewater pumping station. The submersible wastewater pumps, mainly installed in network pumping stations, are equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors as standard and with the ContraBlock family of impellers.
The Sulzer difference

The Sulzer difference

  • Reliable support thanks to expertise in engineering.
  • A wide product range allows the best possible adaptation to the requirements of the end customer.
  • Flexibility in selection and the high number of options offer the customer cost advantage and the best possible security.
  • Exact adaptation to the existing operating points and reliable monitoring devices.
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