Sustainable development

We understand that our purpose and responsibilities do not stop at delivering strong financial results. We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and harness the power of fluid engineering to make life better, safer and more sustainable. Our expertise in pumping, agitation, mixing, separation and application technologies for fluids powers applications that enable economies across the world to become more sustainable.
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Sustainability is engrained in our corporate strategy and embedded in daily business – with the necessary management frameworks, systems, and processes. We have introduced ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) metrics into our compensation framework. Starting in 2020, ESG is included in the personal objectives of all our Long-Term-Incentive eligible leaders, shining a spotlight on what our annual employee survey tells us is one of the main societal contributions our people expect from Sulzer.

Our ESG efforts are governed by Sulzer’s Board of Directors’ Strategy and Sustainability Committee. Through a centralized team and reporting system as well as local initiatives, we monitor and drive our sustainability efforts globally and locally.

We aim to create value and improve our economic, social, and environmental impact by:

  • developing innovative, efficient and eco-friendly solutions for our customers to increase efficiency and help them manage and improve their entire product life cycle;
  • providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace and creating opportunities for professional development;
  • reducing the company’s environmental footprint through reductive measures in the areas of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste management.