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EPDs describe verified environmental impacts

In an environmental product declaration, data from life cycle assessments are prepared, and statements about environmental impacts are made. These data can be compared with other EPDs of the same product category. There are several EPD initiatives. Sulzer has decided in favor of the Swedish “International EPD System,” because this standard prescribes external verification of the information in the EPD by third parties (in accordance with the ISO 14 025 type III standard).

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Information on resource consumption and emissions

EPDs provide information on the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy). The following environmental impacts (emissions) are assessed:

  • CO2 emissions
  • Acidification of water and the soil
  • Photochemical smog through the formation of ground-level ozone
  • Depletion of the ozone layer
  • Water pollution through the demand for biochemical oxygen 

A number of EPDs from Sulzer go beyond the mandatory minimum standard. They not only contain the environmental data, but also information on the product costs that arise. This information is very important for the customers because the greatest costs and most of the emissions for “active” products, such as pumps, take place in the operating phase.

Customer benefits
  • Thanks to EPDs, customers know the environmental impacts of products over their complete lifetime.
  • Customers can compare the data of different products for investment decisions.
  • Customers have the assurance that the statements regarding environmental impacts are based on verified data and comply with the ISO 14 025 type III standard.
  • Customers can use the information from the EPDs in order to save costs—for example, through investment in particularly energy-efficient products.
  • Based on the data provided by the EPDs, customers can improve the sustainability of their value-added chain.
  • Customers can demonstrate the environmental awareness of their actions and can use this for image building and as a sales argument.

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