California’s sun shines on BLUE BOX

Mojave Desert solar power installation uses advanced Sulzer analytics technology for improved uptime

Sulzer’s advanced pump analytics solution, BLUE BOX™, is being installed by Atlantica on performance-critical pumps at two solar power plants. The collaboration between the two companies will strengthen the machine learning capabilities currently in place, improving uptime, reliability and reducing operational costs for the renewable energy plants.

Businessman in solar factory holding tablet with bluebox screenshot

With growing concern over climate change and carbon emissions, renewable energy is gaining increased attention, and companies such as Atlantica are looking to optimize the efficiency of their technology. The company’s solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, California and in KaXu, South Africa will have the latest version of BLUE BOX installed to continuously analyze the boiler feed pumps and the heat transfer fluid pumps.

Discover how renewable energy provider Atlantica, is optimizing two of its solar plants to help avoid 665000 tons of CO2 emissions annually with the support of Sulzers latest artificial intelligent solution BLUE BOX.

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