Motor rewinds

Reliable motor rewinds for lifetime extension

Sulzer provides comprehensive services covering all types of low- and high-voltage motors including motor rewinds. Our network of global service facilities, as well as our in-house coil manufacturing and test capabilities, guarantee a fast turnaround.

Sulzer provides comprehensive motor services
Our extensive network of independent motor repair facilities provides 24-hour service to industries. We repair most critical motors up to 20,000 volt, both 50Hz and 60Hz. We also repair small and large DC machines, including motor rewinds.
A complete range of services for low-voltage AC motors
A complete range of services for low-voltage AC motors

Sulzer offers a complete range of services for low-voltage AC motors, stators and rotors including repair and rewind from 110 volt to 440 volt at 50Hz and 60 Hz:

  • Wire wound stators
  • Wire wound rotors
  • Squirrel cage rotor bars
  • Brake and clutch coils
  • Variable speed motors
  • Slip ring motors

High-voltage AC motor rewinds and repairs from 2000kV to 13,800kV 50Hz/60Hz:

  • Soft and formed coil stators
  • Squirrel cage rotor bars
  • Slip ring rotors

DC motor rewinds and repairs of:

  • Commutators
  • Field coils
  • Armature coils
  • Interpoles Shunt coils
  • Compensatory windings
We manufacture new coils
We manufacture new coils

Comprehensive testing and analysis of motor performance—carried out both in-house and in the field—ensure that your equipment is put back into operation in perfect condition:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Oil analysis
  • RSO (Recurrent Surge Oscillation) testing
  • Partial discharge
  • EL CID (Electro Magnetic Core Imperfection Detector)
  • Tan Delta testing
  • TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) probe testing
  • Vibration analysis Dynamic balancing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Oil analysis
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