Hazardous area motors

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Choose Sulzer for the repair and overhaul of hazardous area motors for the mining industry in compliance with industry standards. We have experience in all aspects of inspection and refurbishment of hazardous area motors.

Hazardous area motors overhaul for improved safety
Flameproof apparatus enclosures (type ‘d’ Group 1) can withstand an internal explosion of gas/air mixture without damage. They also limit the transmission of flames during an explosion from inside the enclosure to the outside atmosphere by cooling the internal flame along its path.
Ex e-machine with bolted connection prior to conversion to IEC 60079-7 standard
Ex e-machine with bolted connection prior to conversion to IEC 60079-7 standard

Sulzer overhauls and repairs the full range of Ex machines according to applicable local and industry accepted standards.

We carry out a number of detailed component inspections including:

  • Surface finish deterioration
  • Thread condition
  • Score marks on flame path
  • Signs of previous repairs
  • Thermal insulators
  • Cracking on component paths
Refurbished wheel motor
Refurbished wheel motor

Our refurbishing process includes:

  • Safe removal of the component/machine
  • Complete dismantling of the machine and all components
  • Thorough cleaning of all components
  • In-depth visual inspection of all components
  • Recording of all dimensions & faults
  • Verification of dimensions against standards & certifications
Our comprehensive documentation system covers all aspects of inspection, reporting, work carried out, replacement parts, assembly, and final testing. We can perform all mechanical reclamation work in-house. All rotating parts are dynamically balanced.

Our in-house copper mill and coil manufacturing facilities ensure fast turnaround times.
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