Services for boilers

We offer an extensive portfolio of weld overlay services for boilers:

  • Automated weld overlay on new or worn carbon steel tubes
  • Automated weld overlay on existing worn cladding
  • Automatic and semi-automatic weld overlay of headers and screen tubes
  • Carbon build-up of existing membrane wall and tubes
  • Inspection and repair service for existing boiler 
  • Cost-efficient process
  • Weld overlay is maximizing operational availability and performance
  • High quality welding due to automated weld overlay
  • Welding with controllable and consistent parameters
Weld overlay services
Panel during weld overlay process
Weld overlay showing nozzle and panel

Weld overlay services

With weld overlay services we are able to maximize operational availability and performance. We provide onsite weld overlay services to our global client base, protecting boilers and components from corrosion and erosion by applying our weld overlay solutions, often in harsh and challenging environments. With continued focus on safety, quality and ever demanding schedules, our highly skilled teams have executed numerous projects on waste-to-energy and biomass plants, reducing maintenance costs by providing an effective boiler protection.

CladFuse process

CladFuseTM weld overlay process

CladFuse is an effective and commercially viable protection for boiler components against base material thinning caused by corrosion and erosion. It provides long term protection for membrane wall and tubes, avoiding and preventing future costly unplanned outages and replacements.

Key features of the CladFuseTM weld overlay process are:

  • Automated weld overlay on new or worn carbon steel tubes
  • Vertical down and overhead welding positions
  • Predetermined weld bead pattern
  • 50% overlap of beads
  • Weld overlay thickness > 2mm
  • High material deposition
  • Controllable and consistent parameters
  • Continuity of beads
  • Minimum iron content
Advanced weld overlay in action
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