Short path evaporator

Low pressure evaporation solutions

Featuring a vertical condenser placed inside the wiped evaporation chamber, our short path evaporator shows a very low pressure drop across the system. It is designed to enable the processing of mixtures at vacuum ranges down to 0.01 mbar (1 Pa).

Detail view inside a Sulzer short path evaporator illuminated in blue
Main benefits
  • Short residence time 
  • Low liquid hold-up
  • Very low pressures 
  • Very low pressure drop
Main applications
  • For concentration and purification of extremely heat-sensitive products
  • For distillation of components with very high boiling points
Graphic showing the basic principle of a short path evaporator
Basic principle of a short path evaporator


In a similar way to a wiped film evaporator, the product film is agitated by a rotor on the inner wall of the vessel. The vapors are generated by heat input from the wall to the film. These vapors migrate to the central condenser where they are condensed as “Distillate” (D). This distillate flows down the tubes of the condenser and leaves the evaporator from the bottom nozzle. The fraction of the film that reaches the bottom of vessel is called “Concentrate” (C). It is collected at the bottom of the shell.

Process security

Process security

To ensure reliable equipment design and to verify that the desired process performance meets your product specifications, we test your individual process in our pilot plant facilities. If you prefer, we can provide you with mobile test equipment on a rental basis to apply in tests at your own facilities.


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