Main benefits of renting:
  • No large investments to test equipment
  • Outsourced maintenance and servicing
  • Easy installation and startup
  • Expert process consultation
  • Advanced testing analytics
  • Co-development of process equipment
Wide portfolio of test equipment:
  • Process pumps
  • Static online-mixers
  • Agitators
  • Medium-consistency solutions

Agile solutions for textile and bio-based process development

Make your process development initiatives agile by renting out process equipment! Sulzer rents out a specific range of test equipment for cellulose-based process development.

In addition to wood and pulp-based intermediates, we have successful examples of process equipment for novel intermediates like mixed and virgin textiles, agri-waste, and waste bio mass. Depending on the setting and goals, test runs can be executed for various equipment, velocities, intermediates, and consistencies. The equipment can be used either in our full-scale development center in Kotka or at client’s site.
Wide Portfolio

Wide portfolio of test equipment

The client can use a range of process equipment for continuous and batch-based processes without sizeable investments into own testing, piloting, demo-batch, and pre-industrial batch equipment. Sulzer takes care of the pristine condition of the devices. We also consult in setting up the process line as well as during installation and startup phases.

  • Process pumps
  • Static online mixers
  • Agitators
  • Medium-consistency solutions


Analytics from testing equipment

The advanced sensory technology enables controlled running and monitoring of the test bed. The data is used to finding the optimal point of running for the equipment. Sulzer’s highly experienced testing engineers ensure that the advanced data-analytics are conducted for better value in your processes.
Easy Setup

Easy setup

The rental testing equipment is lighter than standard process equipment, which enables plug and play installation at client premises. This also allows agile equipment changes throughout the testing period.
Outsourced maintenance

Outsourced maintenance

The rented equipment is guaranteed to run without unexpected interruptions while maintenance, cases of malfunctions, and break downs are handled by our maintenance service. After usage, the devices are cleaned, serviced, and set ready for the next testing period.
From idea to industry

From idea to industry

With long traditions in development, application-expertise, and a broad portfolio of process equipment, Sulzer is a committed partner for process development. We employ significant resources and world-leading expertise in research and process development.

We are set to find scalable solutions for our partners‘ development initiatives and learn alongside. If suitable equipment cannot be found from Sulzer testing selection, we are open to co-development projects.
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