Main benefits
  • Extra high durability
  • Minimized total cost of ownership
  • Low energy consumption due to high efficiency
  • Easy and quick installation and maintenance
  • Low spare cost due to high standardization between EMW-M and EMW-R
Main applications
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Aggregates (sand and gravel)
  • Power (bottom ash, lime slurry for flue gas desulphurization(FGD))
  • Food industry
  • Wastewater
  • Chemical slurries
Main design features
  • Wide range of high quality materials (metallic as well as rubber)
  • Optimized high efficiency hydraulics ensure high efficiency and minimized wear in the largest operating range
  • Heavy-duty bearings offer LB10 bearing life of more than 50,000 hours
  • Vertical design with EMW-R and EMW-M hydraulics available
  • Fast and effective maintenance due to easy assembly and dismantling of main pump parts
Key characteristics

EMW-R: up to 1,450 m3/h / 6,385 USgpm
EMW-M: up to 4,000 m3/h / 17,600 USgpm

Heads EMW-R: up to 55 m / 180 ft
EMW-M: up to 95 m / 312 ft
Pressures EMW-R: up to 14 bar / 203 psi
EMW-M: up to 16 bar / 232 psi
Temperatures EMW-R: up to 110 °C / 230 °F
EMW-M: up to 110 °C / 230 °F
Maximum speed of rotation EMW-R: up to 2600 rpm
EMW-M: up to 3000 rpm
Case Studies
  • Pumping equipment in phosphate fertilizer processes
    Pumps are at the heart of phosphate fertilizer production, and correct equipment selection that takes into consideration hydraulic design, materials of construction, application knowledge, duty point and maintenance regime are critical to achieving reliable long-term pumping operation and maximum plant production.

  • Driving up efficiency
    The adoption of electric vehicles across the world is increasing rapidly and this demand needs to be matched by the supply of batteries. As new processing plants and manufacturing facilities are constructed, it is important that they employ the latest in pumping technology to ensure optimum reliability and efficiency. Read the article.

  • Case studies
    Wherever fluids are pumped, mixed, controlled or applied, we are there. See how our solutions create value for customers and learn how we can make your pumping and mixing processes more efficient and profitable, safeguarding your production and ensuring lasting reliability.
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Products and services

  • Agitators, dynamic mixers
    Sulzer SALOMIX® and Scaba mixing and agitation technology offers a wide range of products for industrial applications. Side-mounted horizontal and top-mounted vertical agitators, dynamic chemical mixers, and tower and tank flow management products guarantee effective mixing and agitating processes.

  • Pumps services
    Reliable and efficient pump operation is critical for your business. Therefore you need a service partner that can respond fast and flexibly. Our pump services are second to none and provide solutions that help you to improve your processes and business performance.

  • Original pump spare parts
    Original spare parts machined to the correct tolerances and clearances give a perfect fit first time, every time. Our commitment to continuous improvement often allows us to supply parts with improved features, thus enhancing performance, extending equipment life, while reducing maintenance costs.

  • Service kits
    When your equipment needs to be repaired you shouldn’t have to worry about spending valuable time searching for the right parts – or even worse, finding out that some small but vital parts are missing. With Sulzer service kits you get everything you need in one package.

  • Sulzer mechanical seals
    Sulzer mechanical seals are strong by design and have been proven very reliable in various pumping applications.


  • Food and beverage
    Food and beverage production relies on our pumping and mixing solutions. Special pumps and agitators have been developed for sugar, starch, and sweetener production. Separation equipment is often used in beverage manufacturing and our process technologies support purification and concentration.

  • Mining and metals
    Long experience and detailed knowledge of metals and mining applications with different raw materials makes Sulzer a reliable pump supplier for these industries.

  • Chemical processing
    Our solutions for the chemical processing industry include pumping, separation and mixing, as well as services for rotating equipment and infrastructure. We offer experience in classical chemical, plastic, and pharmaceutical production as well as in processing renewable materials.

  • Fertilizers
    Our pumps, mixers and agitators provide durability and reliability for fertilizers production as well as for corrosive and abrasive liquids and high gas content. Our specific industry experience also includes separation processes and servicing of pumps, compressors, turbines, and motors.

  • Biofuels
    Biofuels from renewable sources show great potential as sustainable transportation fuel. Based on our experience in demanding processes, we work with customers to develop advanced pumping, mixing, and distillation solutions for the production of biofuels, from pilot to commercial-scale installations.

  • Pulp, paper and board
    Sulzer is the world leader in innovative, reliable, and proven pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our deep process and application knowledge is based on long-term close co-operation with the producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies.

  • Power generation
    You can rely on our high-performance pumps for efficient operations of fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable power generation. Our maintenance and repair services for turbines, pumps, and generators ensure continuous operations.

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