Main benefits
  • Compact unit with reduced weight and small footprint
  • Economical dehydration process
Main applications
  • Effective dehydration of natural gas
  • For offshore, onshore, remote and challenged gas processing
cMIST technology

cMIST technology

The natural gas industry is increasingly pursuing compact and lower weight processing technology to meet the technological and economic demands of offshore, onshore, remote and challenged gas processing. Compact Mass transfer and Inline Separation Technology (cMIST™), incorporating our patented compact HiPer TwinLine™ Separator, can replace conventional TEG tower and associated separator vessels to meet pipeline dew point specifications. It achieves this goal with significant reductions in weight, footprint and cost.

A field demonstration completed in February 2016, using a skid-mounted cMIST dehydration unit in the Woodford trend area of Oklahoma, USA at an XTO Energy production facility, established the effectiveness and advantages of this novel technology. cMIST was tested under a range of field conditions (temperature, gas and solvent flow rates, process configurations, transient and upset) to examine the dehydration capacity, operability, and reliability. cMIST relies on state-of-the-art technological advances in contacting and inline separation to achieve pipeline specification dry gas. The technology is highly modular to allow for simple transportation into remote, challenged, or offshore environments and provide installation configuration flexibility.

cMIST allows for much needed reductions in capital expenditures for both greenfield projects and existing facilities seeking brownfield debottlenecking opportunities. It complements our line of compact multi-phase separation technologies and will benefit oil and gas operating companies around the world.

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