The CAPSULTM solution enables optimal process performance for production of premier quality PCL grades at competitive rates. It joins Sulzer’s existing offering in renewable and circular plastic technologies, including polylactic acid (PLA) process technology.

Sulzer Chemtech’s CAPSULTM PCL technology includes all purification and polymerization steps as part of a fully integrated, highly efficient and continuous process. Building on Sulzer’s expertise in separation and reaction processes, the new biopolymer technology is highly adaptable to a broad range of industrial scales that can help drive adoption of biodegradable and compostable PCL. Key applications for high-quality PCL include consumer packaging, 3D printing, footwear, agricultural films, textiles, and medical devices.

Uwe Boltersdorf, Chemtech Division President at Sulzer, comments: “As a biodegradable polymer, PCL has a crucial role to play in the reduction of plastic waste. We look forward to enabling the larger scale production of PCL from conventional and more renewable resources, as we continue to support industry stakeholders leverage their competitive edge in sustainability.”  

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