Attendees will be invited to explore solutions to support the whole process of collecting and treating wastewater on Sulzer's stand through a combination of live presentations and exhibits as well as a virtual reality experience. Starting with pumps and controls for pumping stations, the journey pauses with a live grinder display and continues through flood protection, static and submersible mixers, screens and turbo-blowers before finishing with sand filtration systems.

Across the complete product range, visitors will be able to see the defining qualities of Sulzer and how the company provides operators with better quality, energy efficiency and reliability. Both stands will offer opportunities to gain a hands-on experience with some products and a virtual tour of others using VR headsets.

On Sulzer's stand, there will be an opportunity to review the extended VUPX and XFP pump ranges as well as discuss the Monster Stack™ grinder, which offers a customized cutter stack that can be designed to match individual applications. In addition, there will be videos explaining the significant energy savings that can be made by switching to the HST™ turboblower as well as asset control systems that ensure pumps always operate at their most efficient point.

On the Nordic Water stand, visitors will be able to see a 3D-printed model of a treatment plant showcasing various pieces of the company's equipment as well as full size examples of filtration systems, bridgeless scrapers and pumps from Sulzer. There will be experienced staff on-hand to discuss the environmental and economic benefits of the latest in primary filtration and tertiary treatment including micropollutants, phosphate or innovative solutions for drinking water.

Visit Sulzer and Nordic Water at IFAT 2022, May 30 – June 3, on stands 321/420 and 115/214 respectively.

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