HSR turbocompressor for 100% oil free air – saving the environment and money

Due to its innovative design, the compact HSR turbocompressor has no wearing parts and uses no lubricants, thus requiring minimal maintenance. The unique technology enables optimal operating efficiency with minimized energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

The HSR turbocompressor is 100% oil-free, which eliminates the risk for any contamination. With a high-speed high-performance motor and digitally controlled magnetic bearings, it offers truly excellent overall efficiency.
HSR is suitable for all industries that require oil-free compressed air such as the food, electronics or pharmaceutical industries.

  • 100% oil-free, environmentally friendly and safe
  • No wearing parts means minimal maintenance
  • High-speed motor ensures maximum efficiency and optimal life cycle costs
  • Digitally controlled magnetic bearings minimize friction and wear
  • Easy installation due to compact design
  • Built-in heat recovery and real-time monitoring.
Webinar of HSR turbocompressor
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