The HSR is cooled by water. The advantage is that both the heat generated by the compression and drive-related losses can be recovered as usable energy. Water cooling also ensures optimal performance and generally extends the lifetime of the components.

Recently, Sulzer took the solution to the next level and launched the HSR Care Complete package to secure that the operations in a mill can continue uninterrupted. The package includes remote monitoring and optimization as well as spare parts and service for the HSR oil-free air turbocompressor.

In the rare event of a breakdown, the problem can be pinpointed remotely, and the technicians with the right spare parts and tools will arrive to the site promptly, address the issue in one go and have the HSR turbocompressor up and running without undue delay.

The risk for a failure of a HSR turbocompressor is considerably smaller than of any comparable product of traditional design. A key technological choice is the use of active magnetic bearings that bring the benefit of no mechanical friction and no mechanical wear. Together with the almost total absence of vibration, this grants the product a long lifetime. Equipment of this kind maintains its efficiency without major overhaul for more than 20 years.

Learn more about the HSR oil-free turbocompressor at and read how the new HSR Care Complete concept secures the delivery of oil-free compressed air. 

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