Main benefits
  • Saves time with maintain in place features, easy to de-rag and no need to disconnect the pipework
  • Designed for use in Sludge plants, where high reliability is essential and downtime is kept to a minimum
  • An extension of the PC transfer pump with material variants for a wide range of process applications
  • Robust drives and gearboxes with low running speeds form an integral part of the unit design
Main applications
  • Sludge handling and transfer (maintain in place)
  • Municipal and Industrial effluent (maintain in place)
  • Shear sensitive processes (maintain in place)
  • Shear thinning slurries (maintain in place)
Main design features
  • The suction chamber is easily dismantled by removing screws, to take out any rag build-up or for servicing, to remove the full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft and seals.
  • Materials of construction, available in cast iron or stainless steel, with a choice of rotor and stator materials to suit individual applications e.g. hard chrome plated rotor or natural rubber stator.
  • Robust drives, specially selected drives and gearboxes for longer life. Options include electric motor drive units supplied as direct-coupled or variable speed drives with mechanical variable speed or frequency inverter.
  • Low running speeds, reduced wear for a longer working pump life which extends the periods between routine maintenance. Important in abrasive applications.
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 225 m3/h / 990 US gpm
Pressures Up to 12 bar / 170 psi
Temperatures -10 up to 100ºC / 14 up to 212ºF


  • Anaerobic digestion
    Anaerobic digestion requires temperature equalization and proper homogenization of the biomass to achieve a high gas production and to avoid sedimentation of organic matters. The surface crusts must be broken and prevention of foam must be managed if there are foaming tendencies. Sulzer can provide efficient and reliable Scaba agitators for digesters with high-efficiency propellers. Muffin Monster™ grinders upstream from the anaerobic digesters condition the sludge before digestion, improving the homogenization of the biomass and protecting the equipment downstream.

  • Chemical mixing - sludge
    Sometimes it is necessary to mix chemicals into the activated sludge before it enters the secondary sedimentation tank. For example, chemicals may be used to perform phosphorous removal on the effluent from the biological process. Many plants use chemicals to improve sludge thickening just prior to the sludge buffer tank.

  • Municipal clean water treatment
    When planning new water treatment plants or upgrading existing ones, operating costs are as important as investment costs. Sulzer’s innovative pumps, mixers and compressors combine reliable treatment performance with superior energy efficiency.

  • Sludge buffer tank
    The sludge buffer tank can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common application is the blending and homogenization of highly concentrated primary, secondary or digested sludge. The solution used to mix the sludge itself, or to mix the sludge with the dosed thickening chemicals, depends on the design and volume of the sludge buffer tank. Submersible mixer types ABS XRW and RW, as well as the agitator type Scaba, can be used to provide highly efficient mixing. Positive displacement, progressing cavity transfer pumps and Muffin Monster™ grinders are used for solids reduction and sludge transfer from sludge feed to sludge dewatering process.

  • Sludge handling and transfer
    Sulzer pumps, mixers, grinders and agitators are used to condition, transfer, blend and handle sludge. Our progressing cavity, positive displacement pump range, provide a near constant flow rate with suction lift capability, for handling all types of non-Newtonian sludge and cake processes, typically demanded within the wastewater treatment plant. Maintain in place features ensure any process downtime due to the change out of wear components is kept to a minimum. The Muffin Monster™ grinders protect the equipment downstream. The sludge conditioned by grinders will not clog valves, heat exchangers, digesters, centrifuges and other equipment on the sludge line.
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