Sulzer scholarship for women in science and engineering

Tackling the gender disparity in engineering

Worldwide, only 8% of students in the field of engineering, manufacturing and construction are women. At Sulzer, we are committed to tackling gender disparity and fostering inclusion in engineering. In 2019, we launched the Sulzer Scholarship for Women in Science and Engineering directed at female students of STEM-related fields. To date, we support 15 young women with high potential in China, India, Indonesia and South Africa in their studies.

Two engineering women talking to each other in an office environment

When it comes to STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), women are often under-represented. According to UNESCO, only 28% of the world’s researchers are female, and only 8% of students choosing engineering, manufacturing and construction courses across the globe are women. 

Fostering inclusion

At Sulzer, we are committed to supporting an inclusive workplace for all. We take measures to tackle the gender disparity in science and engineering. This is why, in 2019, we launched the “Sulzer Scholarship for Women in Science and Engineering”. 
Female students of engineering, technology and science fields can apply to a Sulzer scholarship, offered in close collaboration with selected academic institutions. The scholarship entails financial support, access to Sulzer coaches, learning and practice opportunities, visits to the local Sulzer facilities, access to local industrial events and invitations to Sulzer’s social events. 

This scholarship initiative is another way in which we can contribute to our wider social environment and support the journey towards broadening talent diversity in technical professions. Jill Lee, CFO

Supporting 15 female students in engineering

Currently, a total of 15 female students in China, India, Indonesia and South Africa benefit from the scholarship. We selected these countries because Sulzer has a strong industrial presence there and can support the students accordingly, in particular in learning and practice. Furthermore, except for China, the proportion of female engineers in these countries is relatively low. 

With this scholarship we aim to increase the participation of women in our industry and foster gender diversity in management positions.

The beginning of a career in Sulzer

Sulzer has a long history of providing internship, apprenticeship and university support programs for students in many countries. Besides improving the gender balance, we believe that such programs are an investment in the future of young people and our own future, since many employees started their Sulzer careers in programs like these.

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