Establishing preventive safety culture with Sulzer’s Safe Behavior Program

Sulzer aspires to excellence in occupational health and safety. We continuously increase our efforts to empower all employees to act safely, and strive for zero accidents. At Sulzer, we live the “safety comes first” principle.

To achieve a mature safety culture, Sulzer has implemented a set of core actions focused on engaged leadership, employee development, accountability and incentivization. Leaders act as role models, regularly engaging employees, who in turn are given development opportunities, including the right to participate, challenge and be heard.

Man and woman walking in industrial hall

Effective, applicable, and pragmatic people development

We recognize that people development is not only critical to ensuring employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs, but that it drives employee satisfaction and company commitment. Because people make mistakes, we include human factors in our processes and encourage all employees to continuously learn and develop. This is core to our Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) approach, which ensures effective, applicable, and pragmatic development opportunities from a holistic perspective.

Safe processes

We strive to ensure effective safety management across our sites for the health and wellbeing of all our employees. Our environment, safety and health (ESH) management systems provide the framework for accident prevention at Sulzer, with emphasis on continuous improvement through training, risk assessments and consultation.

Employee safety is a priority for Sulzer. To foster a best-in-class safety culture, Sulzer launched a corporate-wide initiative in 2012 called the Safe Behavior Program. The video "An excellent day" features core behaviors of the program: observation, intervention, and responsibility.
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