I had taken part in the challenge before with friends, and thought it would be exciting to try it at Sulzer. Nineteen people took part in two different teams over a period of three weeks, completing ecological tasks designed to save resources and reduce emissions. As well as improving personal awareness around how our decisions affect our environment, it has helped identify areas in our facility where we can improve sustainability.

Boris Delmas - Strategic Projects Manager at Sulzer and event organiser
Impacts of Sulzer Ma Petite Planète challenge

Taking personal environmental responsibility

Tasks completed by the Sulzer teams included cycling to work, eating a vegetarian diet, taking shorter showers, picking up litter, using trains instead of planes, car sharing, purchasing second-hand and local products, donating to charity, forgoing new electronic devices, eating seasonal foods and avoiding produce from global supply chains such as coffee. Points are awarded to teams on the Ma Petite Planète app based on completion or duration of the challenge.

Throughout the event, Sulzer employees saved 44’421 liters of water and 667 kg of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, management teams took part in a Climate Fresk, a workshop that teaches the fundamental science behind climate change. This empowers participants to make truly informed decisions to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

Sulzer employees with collected rubbish from their walk

Improving corporate decision making

“With other sustainability ambassadors from across Sulzer we hold monthly discussions regarding these topics. It’s an opportunity to discuss best practice and implement successful initiatives from elsewhere. In France we are looking at introducing renewable power sources at our facility and we are moving to electric vehicles (EVs),” says Boris.

“Taking part in the Ma Petite Planète challenge has changed our habits, we are better informed on the impact our actions have on the world and want use the experience to influence our corporate activities.”

You can learn more about the Ma Petite Planète challenge here.

Sulzer management team photo france facility
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