Our services

  • Engineering studies (including rotor dynamic, analyses, and bearing/seal upgrade studies)
  • Manufacturing new parts and/or modifying existing parts
  • Shop installation and testing, including field commissioning and project management


We evaluate your equipment to determine if they are suitable for retrofit upgrades. Our systematic process considers both existing and required operational conditions. Detailed engineering studies help us determine the exact changes needed to each component. These studies include aero-thermodynamic, stress and rotordynamic calculations as will as material selection.

Materials analysis is an important process when upgrading turbomachinery
Materials analysis is an important process when upgrading turbomachinery

Managing complex projects

Sulzer can manage your projects. We work jointly with engineering companies and components manufacturers to find the best and fastest solution that meets your requirements. Our various capabilities form a complete package that can reduce the burden of managing complex projects.

In addition to our extensive equipment repair and overhaul services, we offer comprehensive support for the planning, management, and implementation of a wide range of projects. A few examples:

  • Re-application of a steam turbine in the conversion of a combined-cycle or cogeneration power plant
  • Increasing the power output of hot-gas expanders in fertilizer and petrochemical plants
  • Increasing the pressure and power output in high-speed turbocompressors for a wide variety of applications
  • Retrofitting:
    • Screw compressors
    • Dry gas seals
    • Pumps
    • Motors and generators
  • Redesigning bearings to solve vibration issues or to increase reliability
Upgrade your machinery for better performance
Upgrade your machinery for better performance

Improving performance and efficiency

Our engineers have the practical experience required to formulate specialized repair methods that minimize the amount of modifications, thereby sharply reducing cost and delivery lead times. You obtain the following key benefits:

  • Achieve tremendous flexibility through advanced repair techniques such as specialized welding processes for reconstruction of shafts and turbine disks
  • Avoid long outages that can occur while awaiting delivery of new rotors and/or casings
  • Minimize modifications to the foundation, piping and auxiliaries
  • Replace machine internals during a normal outage, and (usually) upgrade process seals, bearings, and protection systems at the same time

Sulzer modernizes your equipment for better performance, reliability and efficiency.

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