Benefit from our comprehensive service offering

  • Machine shop repair services (manufacture and repair)
  • Welding services
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Turnkey field services and field testing
  • 24-hour emergency repair
  • Balancing
  • Steam turbine repair

Core competencies

  • Repair and refurbishment of all types rotating equipment, turbines, pumps etc, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer
  • Equipment performance and material upgrades in line with changing process requirements
  • Skilled field services personnel for on-site overhauls, installation and commissioning work, machinery diagnostics, and troubleshooting
  • Tailored engineering solutions to enhance equipment reliability and performance
  • Management services in association with long-term equipment support contracts

Resources and capability

  • Power generation machines from all parts of Australia, the largest found in NSW, are processed within Maitland Service Center
  • Comprises of a main and auxiliary bay: The main bay is predominantly used to process core products turbine and generators
  • The main bay is equipped with in line overhead cranes, lathe, clean conditions, boring, milling, balance machine and blast and painting chamber
  • The auxiliary bay is used to process all Industrial type plant, rotors, casings, valves and fabrications and is equipped with smaller cranes, lathes, clean conditions, boring, milling and balance machine, but also with rear access to the blast and paint chamber.
  • Demonstrated capability to repair and refurbish hydro shafts, impellors, casings, compressors, ID fans, single and multistage petrochemical rotors, mill rotors, fans, valves, pump impellers, pumps, controls, armatures, mining motor overhauls, bearings, general manufacture and machining

Service center facilities

Model Type Capacity
Froriep Fixed lathe 100T x 4.2m swing x 15m bed
IRD B140 Dynamic balancing machine 90T portable, adjustable
Union WMW Horizontal borer 100T x 3m height x 7m bed
Alstom Clean conditions 20m x 7m
Rekoil Clean conditions 6m x 4m
Mecof Bed mill 10T x 6m bed
Richards Vertical borer 12T x 2.6m swing x 2m height
Schiess Vertical borer 5T x 1.3m swing x 2m height
Webster & Bennett Vertical borer 2T x 0.8m swing x 1m height
VDF Fixed lathe 8T x 0.8m swing x 6m bed
Hafco CK80 Fixed lathe 3T x 0.6m swing x 3m bed
Chinghung Fixed lathe 3T x 0.6m swing x 3m bed
IRD B200 Dynamic balancing machine 8T portable, adjustable

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