Gas and steam turbines as well as their related equipment (generators, compressors, pumps) all benefit from modern control systems.

Gas and steam turbine

Sulzer offers Triple Modular Redundant (TMR), Dual Redundant, and Simplex Systems to suit your specific needs. This range offers everything from large integrated systems covering all unit requirements to smaller stand-alone systems dedicated to speed governing, over-speed protection, and compressor surge control, as well as simpler applications.

All our systems include a Human Machine Interface (HMI) providing user-friendly display and monitoring, as well as alarm and shutdown protection. Together with trending, fast logging, histories, and communication utilities, these systems offer many benefits for users.


Sulzer not only supplies the hardware for related equipment such as lubrication or fuel fire and gas protection; we can also integrate these systems into the main control system. Control of combined heat and power systems (boilers and waste heat recovery) can also be part of the package.

Distributed control systems

We can supply a complete Distributed Control System (DCS) for the whole plant or communicate with an existing DCS using modern communication protocols.

Technical support

Sulzer helps you with the procurement, design, installation, and commissioning of your system. We create a partnership with you over the lifetime of the unit. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we provide troubleshooting and advice on queries in order to optimize your operations.

Improved efficiency and stability are among the primary benefits of the Sulzer Control packages; your plant will operate more reliably. Should a failure occur, the control system’s troubleshooting capabilities allow you to resolve the problem much faster and far more easily.

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