Main benefits
  • Convenient handling - lightweight silumin parts makes transport, handling and installation easy.
  • Reliable due to compact and robust design
  • Low maintenance costs due to modular design
  • Wear resistance – one investment, years of cost-efficient pumping
  • Complete supply – MSHA approved pump and panel
Main applications
  • Water and dirty water mixed with light abrasive liquids
Main design features
  • Stainless steel impeller, shaft and hardware as well as adjustable wear parts in oil resistant nitrile rubber provide a long life and high efficiency
  • Double outer casing and good heat convection enable the pump to operate continuously at low levels – or even run dry without damaging the motor
  • Compact design with durable silumin housing and mechanical shaft seals in silicon carbide provide a pump that you can rely on
  • Seal minder moisture detector protects the pump if seal leakage occurs
  • The high-efficiency motor and new hydraulics combine with low-friction bearings to reduce power losses
  • Thermal overload protection shuts off the pump upon an overtemperature condition
  • Conversion between high-volume and high-head hydraulics is managed with only a few parts, ensuring the right performance for the application
  • Rigid stainless-steel shaft with heavy-duty bearings gives vibration free operation
  • All J MEX series are equipped with MSHA approved power cable and are supplied with a manual or automatic control panel
Key characteristics
Capacities up to 1’500 USgpm
Heads up to 340 ft.
Temperatures up to 104ºF
Motor power up to 59.8 HP
  • Mine dewatering
    Efficient water management is essential for any mine site, especially where the conditions are challenging and the weather is changeable, unpredictable or the rainy season is coming. That’s why we’re expanding our XJ range of dewatering pumps to be able to handle even the most difficult applications, whilst maintaining excellent hydraulic performance.

  • Dewatering in tunneling
    A tunnel construction is a complex worksite were many different variables need to be taken into consideration, flooding is one of them. Our drainage and sludge submersible dewatering pumps are lightweight, portable and start when you plug them in.
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