Main benefits
  • Efficient mixing (CoV</= 0.05)
  • Lowest possible pressure drop compared with other conventional mixers
  • Short installation length: approximately 0.3 to maximal 1 x pipe diameter
  • Optimized dosing point for additive mixing, no injection lances required
  • Robust construction and no clogging (open geometry)
  • Plug and Play (installation and operation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Mixing ratios from 1:10 up to more than 1:10 000
  • With only one feed point per mixer up to 6 additives can be injected simultaneously (for bigger, special CompaX only)
Main applications
  • Chemical industry
  • Water and wastewater industry (desalination plants, governmental wastewater treatment, etc.)
  • In water or wastewater treatment, the CompaX™ mixer is used, for example, to admix flocculators, to admix agents or for pH adjustment, to admix chemicals for disinfection, etc. 
Key characteristics
Sulzer static mixer type CompaX in FRP for seawater desalination
Sulzer static mixer type CompaX in FRP for seawater desalination

Key characteristics

The Sulzer CompaXTM static mixer consists of a highly efficient mixing device with an integrated dosing point. The additive is fed into the zone where there is a strong turbulent flow. Fluids, additives, and gases are mixed reliably and effectively over a very short distance. For larger pipe diameters, you can admix up to 6 additives using only one mixing element. The pressure drop of a Sulzer CompaXTM mixer is approx. 8 times lower compared to orifice-type static mixers. For low-viscous fluids, it is typically 10 – 100 mbar. This results in significant savings on pump energy, which pays off economically as well as ecologically. You will not experience any clogging problems with this mixer thanks to the open-wing geometry and the additive dosing location.

Technical specification
Diameter from 25 mm - 2000 mm / 1" - 80" in carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex steels, Alloy steels, etc.
Standard material

Polypropylene (PP) 25 - 250 mm, bigger sizes or similar materials upon request.
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) from 100 mm - 2000 mm / 4" - 80", bigger sizes or similar materials upon request.

Special materials PVC, PTFE, SS-ETFE coated, available upon request
Remarks The mixer is installed in the pipe, mounted between two flanges. Special executions in other materials, or for installation in rectangular or square conduits are available on request.
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