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MSD-RO is a two stage in back-to-back arrangement, axially split casing, single suction pump which has been developed mainly for high pressure membrane feed in Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination applications.

Innovation has been at the center of the MSD-RO development. As a result, the MSD-RO pump benefits from:

  • A significantly more compact arrangement of the pump hydraulics
  • Top class efficiency according to market needs
The meticulous design approach combined with Sulzer’s experience have resulted in a pump that performs to the highest efficiency level, whilst providing our customers with a robust, reliable, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective pump.
Main technical features
  • Hydraulic configuration with two single suction impellers offers a compact design, with extremely low NPSH values and top of its class efficiency
  • Special opposed, dynamically balanced impeller design for ideal axial thrust balance, increasing the overall pump efficiency by avoiding the use of balancing line
  • Single, balanced, cartridge mechanical seal. Option for API 682 mechanical seal is available
  • Sleeve journal and duplex angular contact thrust bearing as standard. Sleeve journal and pivot shoe thrust bearing with force oil lubrication system is available
  • Robust split flanges based on heavy duty API standards
  • Reduced wear parts clearances by using PEEK or honeycomb, to increase pump efficiency.
Key characteristics

Up to 1,600 m3/h  /  7,000 US gpm


Up to 650 m  /  2,150 ft


Up to 90 bar  /  1,305 psi


Up to 60°C  /  140°F

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3,600 rpm

Performance range
MSD-RO axially split multistage pump performance range 50 Hz
Performance range 50 Hz
MSD-RO axially split multistage pump performance range 60 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz
Case studies
  • Tapping into pump engineering expertise
    Making clean, safe drinking water widely available is one of human society’s greatest priorities. 90% of the world’s population currently has access to at least a basic source of potable water, and 71% of people enjoy a managed supply of clean water to their homes. With the aim to further increase availability while controlling costs, utilities are continually investing to expand, upgrade and improve their networks, operations and maintenance processes.

  • Case studies
    Wherever fluids are pumped, mixed, controlled or applied, we are there. See how our solutions create value for customers and learn how we can make your pumping and mixing processes more efficient and profitable, safeguarding your production and ensuring lasting reliability.
  • RO-island HPP
    This is the heart of the SWRO Desalination process, where the desalination effect takes place. The Treated sea water is fed by means of the High Pressure pumps into the RO membranes, obtaining permeate or product water and high pressure brine rejection, whose high pressure energy is recovered by selected Energy Recovery Device.
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