Main benefits
  • Proven track record: More HPcp's sold > 600 bar than all other competitors put together
  • 60 MW gas turbine driven pump test facility
  • Hundreds of HPcp pumps running offshore in critical services worldwide
Main applications
  • Waterflood for enhanced oil recovery
  • Crude oil shipping on remote platforms with high dP requirements
  • Onshore remote pipelines in mountainous terrain
Main design features
  • Inline or back-to-back rotor stack designs for rotordynamic stability
  • Forged Carbon Steel, Duplex SS, HIP'd and Overlaid barrel construction
  • Twist Lock or bolted barrel closure with SuperNutsTM
  • Sleeve, pocketed, or tilt pad bearings
  • Grouted, ungrouted and offshore 3- or 4-point support baseplates
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 4,000 m3/h / 20,000 US gpm
Heads Up to 10,200 m / 33,500 ft
Pressures Up to 1,100 bar / 16,000 psi
Temperatures Up to 200°C / 400°F
Discharge sizes Up to 500 mm / 20 inches
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 8,850 rpm
Performance range
HPcp performance range
Performance range 50-60 Hz
  • Crude oil pipeline mountainous terrain
    In remote areas, there may not be power available, or, terrain may be so steep that all the pressure rise has to be made in 1 station. Each pump must make the entire head. Pumps are often run in parallel. Hundreds of Sulzer multistage pump performances meet such high pressure requirements.

  • Crude oil pipeline offshore to onshore
    All the pressure rise must be made in the crude shipping pumps on the platform. Salt spray is corrosive and platform movement during storms can affect reliability. Specially packaged Sulzer multistage pumps are used to move crude oil from offshore platforms to onshore storage or pipeline systems.

  • Water injection pump
    Sulzer offers both topside (Platform or FPSO based) and Sulzer / FMC subsea water injection pumps to boost output from maturing subsea oil fields.
Sulzer uses captured CO2 to optimize oil recovery – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and further oil exploration
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