High performance random packings - NeXRing™

NeXt generation random packing

The Sulzer NeXRing™ provides you with the solution for all your demanding random packing applications. Extremely large and uniform open area in every ring orientation allowing a high surface exposure to liquid and vapor while minimizing dry zones.

Sulzer random packing with lots of NeXRing™
Main benefits
  • Higher capacity
  • Lesser pressure drop
  • Enhanced mechanical stability
  • Lower investment cost
Main applications
  • Fertiliser
  • Acid removal
  • Gas sweetening
  • NGL treatment
  • Butadiene
  • Demethanizer
The Sulzer NeXRing™ - the future of separation efficiency
NeXRing advantages
NeXRing™ in 4 different sizes

NeXRingTM- NeXt big thing in random packing

NeXRing is a patented high performance ring which provides extremely large and uniform open area regardless of ring orientation to vapor flow.

There are significant improvements when compared with 2nd or 3rd generation rings:

  • Up to 50% increased capacity compared to the P-Ring   
  • Up to 10% increased capacity compared to the I-Ring
  • Available types: NeXRing #0.6, #0.7, #1, #1.2, #1.5, #2  and #3 
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