GSG-BFP diffuser style barrel pump for feedwater applications

The competitive choice for feedwater applications

The GSG-BFP is a BB5 type pump designed for feedwater applications in fossil and industrial power plants but also large biomass fired plants. The horizontal pump is ready to use without pre-warming and is able to absorb high forces and moments thanks to its centerline mounting.

GSG diffuser style barrel pump for feedwater applications
Main benefits
  • Price competitive multistage barrel pump
  • Centerline mounting absorbs high forces and moments
  • No pre-warming required
  • Hydrodynamic bearings for higher energy services
  • Self equalized tilting pad thrust bearing to accomodate thrust variations in transient conditions
Main applications
  • Feedwater
Main design features
  • High head per stage and balanced radial loads
  • Diffuser type allows replacement of individual stage pieces 
  • Each impeller is securely retained in both directions by a split ring with a key to transmit the torque
  • Dynamically balanced rotor for smooth operation
  • Design of balance drum and axial thrust bearing for extreme conditions
Key characteristics


up to 1'000 m3/h / 5'300 US gpm


up to 2'800 m / 10'500 ft
Discharge sizes up to 250 mm / 10 in
Discharge pressures up to 350 bar / 5'080 psi
Suction pressures up to 65 bar / 940 psi
Temperatures up to 210ºC / 410ºF (higher temperatures upon request)
Performance range
Process Chart of GSG Diffuser Style Barrel Pump for Feedwater Application
Performance range 50 Hz
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