The biofuel will be used to power vehicles, trains and industrial boilers, realizing an annual carbon reduction of up to 3 million tonnes — the equivalence of taking 650,000 vehicles off the road.

Locally grown rapeseed for net zero diesel production

Sulzer has been selected to supply a range of pumps for an innovative project in Canada that will utilize locally grown rapeseed as bio-feedstock for net zero diesel production. This includes reliable centrifugal pumps designed by Sulzer to ensure the necessary high pressure and high temperature, which are critical to the catalytic process that breaks down the canola oil. Completion of the refinery expansion is planned for March 2024, with anticipated net zero diesel output of one billion liters per year once operating.

Continuously helping pioneering technologies advance

Sulzer’s Executive Chairwoman Suzanne Thoma said: “Decarbonizing the transportation sector is crucial to sustainability and net zero targets. We are very proud to continuously help these pioneering technologies and processes advance and contribute with our technical expertise and flexibility in product design to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.”

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    February 17, 2023
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