Sulzer’s product range for wastewater processes is extensive and its submersible recirculation pumps are renowned for their reliability and performance. These pumps operate round-the-clock so the recent development program aimed to deliver further improvements in efficiency and build quality.

The latest range of XRCP recirculation pumps include design changes that have delivered a hydraulic efficiency increase of 20%point improvement. In addition, the Premium Efficiency drive motors have a new, range-topping 25 kW unit to increase performance for larger applications.

The efficiency gains have been achieved by improving the propeller design and reducing clearances between the propeller and the shroud. As such, Sulzer is leading the field in terms of overall efficiency, which, at a time when energy costs are under heavy scrutiny, can deliver significant savings for the operators.

The frame which retains the impeller and motor has been updated to streamline the manufacturing process and improve strength, which supports the long service life expectancy.

The major features of the original design, such as the robust planetary gearbox, long-life bearings and triple seal system have been retained for continued peace of mind. The pumps can also be driven via a variable speed drive to optimize efficiency and enable flow rates to be adjusted according to process variations. In addition, the pumps continue to offer easy installation and removal for routine maintenance.

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  • Submersible recirculation pump type ABS XRCP
    The XRCP is Sulzer’s premium range of recirculation pumps, specifically designed for efficient pumping and recirculation of activated sludge in the denitrification/nitrification process.
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