Expected to become one of the largest biofuels production sites in Europe, the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park will create sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biodiesel from waste. Sulzer’s pumps will support critical processes at the facility, including providing boiler feedwater to drive the steam turbine generator. Once complete, the revolutionary facility is set to produce enough renewable diesel to eliminate 2’800’000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The Shell Energy and Chemicals Park is currently under construction, with the biofuels facility due to begin production in 20241. With an expected capacity of 820’000 tons of low carbon fuels (LCF) a year, the facility will deliver SAF, biodiesel, bioethanol and renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG)2

An important part of the project will see Sulzer supply high-pressure barrel pumps in both inline and back-to-back configurations. These feature a highly robust design and offer industry-leading performance. The pumps will support central processes at the facility, including providing boiler feedwater to create steam and drive the steam turbine generator.

The aim of the new facility is to support the decarbonization of the ever-growing transportation sector. Once complete, the site could produce enough renewable diesel to eliminate 2’800’000 tons of CO2 emissions annually3.  This is the equivalent of taking over 1 million European cars off the road.4 The project is also considered a key component for Shell in reaching its goal of becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.

We are excited to be supporting this landmark decarbonization initiative. As a leading global pump manufacturer, our experience and engineering expertise means that we can design and develop technically advanced solutions to support any application. We are proud to deliver pump technologies to help our customers as they aim to reduce their own CO2 emissions and create a more sustainable world.

CEO of the Sulzer group and President of Sulzer’s Flow Equipment Division

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