The facility will widen the availability of high-quality services for rotating equipment in India. Using cutting-edge machinery and advanced digital technologies, the center will offer repairs, upgrades, retrofits and parts manufacturing for a wide range of equipment including pumps, steam turbines, compressors and expanders, extending the life of vital infrastructure assets and ensuring they operate as efficiently as possible.

The new, modern engineering facilities cover 10’500 sq ft (975 sq m) and have been designed to deliver fast and efficient workflows, incorporating digital and lean principles to ensure an effective service for customers. The new service center has the capability to deliver leading maintenance solutions for a variety of equipment, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Sulzer has been delivering manufacturing and maintenance services in India for more than 30 years. The company pioneered the introduction of high-energy pumps to the industrial sector and continues to lead the pump market in various applications. This expertise and experience also provides an excellent foundation for overhauling and repairing these vital assets to improve reliability and performance, while also reducing their carbon footprint with energy savings.

The team in Vadodara has access to Sulzer’s combined global engineering capabilities, including Venlo in the Netherlands and Indonesia, both of which have vast experience and expertise in turbomachinery repairs and upgrades. To complement this, Sulzer has also invested in its parts manufacturing capabilities at Vadodara with cutting-edge equipment, such as advanced CNC 4-axis turnmill machines, vertical & horizontal balancing machines, as well as the necessary expertise in design and materials engineering and additive manufacturing.

Tim Schulten, President of Sulzer’s Services division, commented “We are very happy to be further expanding our global footprint with this brand new, state-of-the-art service center in India. Our team, equipped with Sulzer’s engineering prowess and the latest advanced technologies, will help our customers to maximize the life and efficiency of their critical machinery, achieving significant cost and energy savings. We also welcome the boost our service center will provide for the local economy, providing new investment and jobs for the people of Vadodara.”

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