Representing an investment of approximately 100 million US dollars, the water treatment facility for the El Temsah Lake treats up to 1 million cubic meters (35 million cubic feet) of agricultural wastewater per day. The plant provides clean water to irrigate 70'000 acres of nearby agricultural land.

Sulzer was selected to supply a range of pumps and agitators that are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the highly specialized agricultural wastewater treatment process. Sulzer delivered a reliable and efficient process, allowing the plant to achieve low operating costs with a minimal environmental footprint. Sulzer’s pumps and agitators are fitted with high-efficiency motors to achieve world-class energy savings, reliability, and an exceptionally long service life, helping the plant to meet its efficiency and sustainability goals.

The plant aims to ease pressure on the river Nile’s strained resources, in a country that sees almost no rainfall for large parts of the year. It also contributes to the ecological restoration of the lake, which had suffered from growing urbanization in the region and decades of run-off from surrounding farms.

Frederic Lalanne, President of Sulzer’s Pumps Equipment division, commented: “We are proud to be supporting this award-winning water treatment project with our extensive knowledge in the water space. Securing, treating, and delivering clean water are global challenges that need to be overcome and we are uniquely positioned to help achieve these goals with our customized solutions. This project will sustainably transform El Temsah Lake, saving this essential water source for generations to come and securing much-needed clean water for agriculture.”

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