The challenge

The Algerian Government awarded the contract for the execution of the project to a Chinese contracting company, which approached one of Sulzer’s customers to tender the entire order for pumping units. With only limited experience in water pipelines, the Finland-based engine manufacturer contacted Sulzer for tendering support. Based on the successful execution of joint projects for oil pipelines in the past, our Finnish customer was confident we could work together to meet the challenges of the Sahara project.

The complete package design has been performed in 3D.
The complete package design has been performed in 3D.

The solution

For each of the six pump stations, Sulzer proposed three axially split HPDM pumps – two in constant operation and one in stand-by – a supply of 18 pumps in total. Sulzer has the experience and know-how to deliver a reliable and competitive solution. Led by engineers from the Sulzer Water & Wastewater segment based in Winterthur, we worked with the customer from the beginning to develop technically optimal solutions, and worked closely with our manufacturing site in Brazil to coordinate production timing and delivery. 3D design has been used throughout the project to enable better arrangement of all accessories on the skid. Such full and fast support helped to win and fulfill the project.

Customer benefits

Our customer received intensive engineering and tendering support from the beginning of the project. The end-user received the best hydraulic fit for the requirements, with efficient, cost-effective solutions that are easy to operate and maintain for reliable water pipeline operations.

Operating data
Product type HPDM 350-850-1d/13
Capacities 2’088 m³/h (9’187 USgpm)
Heads 329 m (1’079 ft.)
  • HPDM axially split volute casing pump
    HPDM axially split volute pumps are tailor-made and are extensively used to transport large volumes of liquid over long distances and high geodetic heights as in water and oil pipelines. They are available in single stage or various multistage configurations with single- or double suction impellers.
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