The challenge

There was only limited space for the pump installation at the site. Therefore, a small but very efficient inline pump was needed to feed water into two plate heat exchangers in the mill.

The solution

An SIL-33-A-2 inline single-stage centrifugal pump with baseplate was installed as cooling water booster pump for two different hydraulic coolers. Because the available space was limited, a small inline pump was a perfect fit. In addition, the SIL was easy to install. The customer is satisfied with the solution and has ordered altogether seven SIL pumps for different applications in their mill.

Customer benefit

  • The inline design and the monoblock construction make the SIL pump compact, rigid and reliable.
  • The SIL pump is easy and fast to install both in vertical and in horizontal positions, and it only requires a small installation space.
  • The SIL pump has efficient hydraulics with reliable shaft sealing, ensuring high reliability.
  • The installation, operating, and spare part costs of the SIL pump range are low, as are the downtime costs thanks to the minimized need for maintenance of the trouble-free monoblock construction.
  • Due to the high efficiency of the SIL pump range, its energy consumption is low.
Product specification
Product SIL-33-A-2 inline single-stage centrifugal pump
Capacity 180 l/min
Head 25 m
Inlet pressure 1 bar
Media water 20°C
  • SIL inline process pump range
    High-efficiency SIL inline single-stage centrifugal pumps are developed to meet the process requirements in various general and industrial applications. Inline design with integrated motor construction makes this process pump compact and easy to install.
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